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Frank Sirona
No compromises
Artist's statement
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Frank Sirona with large format camera

I got into Landscape Photography when I was young because of someone by the name of Eliot Porter, who was a very well known landscape photographer at the time. I came across a photo that he had taken in Glen Canyon that opened my eyes to the south western part of the US, and sparked my interest in photography. Despite the fascination that I had with photography at the time, I didn't end up taking it up as a profession in the beginning, and ended up choosing instead to study the natural sciences for many years; photography remained as just a hobby for a long time. Since I came in contact with large format photography just a couple years ago I've devoted myself to this area. It has become an indispensable part of my life to be in nature (especially in the deserts of the southwest), and to interpret it with my camera.

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