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Snowbound Yosemite © Frank Sirona


Yosemite National Park in winter time: while Yosemite is flooded with visitors in the time from spring to fall, it is much more silent here during the winter months. Among others this is caused by the temperatures which can easily drop down to 15 °F and below, and by the masses of snow which block the roads across the Sierra Nevada, again and again including the road up to Yosemite. My stay there in February 2012 was full of memorable experiences: in my first night, a tree that could not withstand the weight of all the snow any more crashed to the ground, only a few feet away from my tent. Then, during the following days, about half of America´s landscape photography VIPs crossed my path. One day I had a very nice conversation with black-and-white legend, John Sexton, and his wife, Anne. In the early afternoon of that day a violent blizzard swiped across the valley - only to open the view then, hours later, to the deeply snow-covered black oaks at the meadows along Merced river. This view is reproduced in my image "Snowbound" - an image with extremely reduced coloration, meant to be an hommage to the classic black-and-white style in landscape photography created by Ansel Adams back in the early 20th century in Yosemite Valley.